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Working directly with Health Secret will ensure you the highest payouts without any middleman commissions.

We run a private affiliate program that allows you to earn some of the highest EPL’s, commissions, and bonus money.

We just paid out $1,000,000 of affiliate commission between 40 affiliates in a two-period, and we are about to do it again…. While enjoying the journey and having a great time!

Above and beyond the incredible earning potential, you also become part of this global movement that spreads life-saving content and changes lives for the better.


By using a proven marketing strategy from our Veteran Affiliate Managers, and a highly converting sales funnel, we are able to produce truly incredible results!

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We distribute the full 100% of commission payment to affiliates within three weeks of cart close (sometimes sooner!)

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With us at Health Secret, you can enjoy stress-free payments, no questions asked!


With a collection of as many as 15 highly successful docu-series to date….

From world-class experts like Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Henry Ealy, Dr. Ed Group, and more….

Rest assured that you can enjoy consistent results from each new launch!

We take pride in ourselves for working hard in spreading our message, and you in return can enjoy world breaking medical information and reap the benefits!


As a Health Secret Affiliate, you do NOT have to do any of the promoting alone.

We provide you with pre-written email swipes and beautifully designed graphics.

On top of that, you will also have access to 24/7 support from our veteran Affiliate Managers to help you wherever they can.

Whether it be a query to best set up the emails, or approval for ad creatives, we are with you EVERY step of the way!


By promoting our docu-series, you will change lives by providing them with true healing protocols!

You won’t have to wonder if the episodes will be valuable to your followers or not. We only include the most groundbreaking latest research and healing treatments.

It is becoming more well known that COVID and the “plandemic” are all part of an insidious plan, which our world-class experts continuously shed more light on.

More and more people are looking to find REAL solutions to their health challenges caused by COVID and the deadly “vaccine”….

Which is EXACTLY where our 50+ health experts like Dr. Henry Ealy and Dr. Bryan Ardis step in to share the latest and most effective healing solutions.



YOU are not only joining a very profitable program, but you are also doing YOUR part in making the world a better place.

These docu-series have given hope to people who needed it the most and restored lives that were thought to be broken forever.

Here are just a few of our viewer testimonials….
I want to THANK YOU for doing this series. My lifetime (I am 59) has been completely filled with the battle to win over depression and anxiety. In fact, I am in an episode now, and your video could not be more timely. Like your wife, I too have suffered at the hands of “modern psychopharmaceuticals.” – Judy D.
Jonathan, you are the best !! I am passing the information about your teachings among my friends, some of them medical doctors, here in Croatia, as fast as I can. – Nina B
I have been using some of the concepts and ideas presented in Autoimmune Secrets this week and last week and my symptoms have reduced already by about 85%!!! The struggle has been long and there have been many times harder than now. It is so so so hopeful and bright to have people willing to be brave and help others this way by sharing knowledge. I just love everything you are doing and your reasons too!! – Sarah Kim

A Few Of Our Amazing Partners

Our Story

Jonathan Otto ( “Jonno”) is the man behind it all. From creation, to execution, to working with each and every one of you to spread his mission!

He has taken his background in investigative journalism and natural medicine advocacy to a whole new level and produced the Emmy-submitted docu-series, “Autoimmune Secrets and Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets”.

His groundbreaking films are viewed by millions upon millions of people and have become the global “go-to” resources for people seeking natural medicine solutions for the most serious diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, and dementia.

Health Secret’s mission to work with internationally renowned doctors and scientists has made it into one of the most sought natural health education resources in the world for preventing and reversing disease!

Our Current Offer

Destined to Thrive | Reloaded

Promo period: 24th July – 6 Aug
Launch: 7th – 18th Aug
Replay weekend: 19 Aug – 21 Aug

Cash Prizes: $30,000

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Please enter your details on this page to be considered for our affiliate program. Remember that we handle all the fulfillment details, including order processing, shipment when required, billing and customer service.

All you need to do is to mail to your email list or post to your social profiles during our pre-launch period!

We use Post Affiliate Pro. We are first lead in and a 60 day cookie

We payout 50% commissions on digital sales, 40% on physical sales and 10% on upsells. 

Follow these steps below:

  • Review our partner site and learn more about our story and how you can help .  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Jonathan at [email protected]
  • We will reach out to you to provide the links and creatives you need to successfully promote to your audience via email and/or social media.
  • Everyone that signs up using your unique tracking link is tagged to your account.
  • When your opt-ins go on to purchase, you start earning commissions. 🙂

100% of commissions owed will be paid after each launch, within 3 weeks of cart close (sometimes even sooner).  All payments will be made via PayPal. Please make sure we have a valid W9 or W8BEN on file or payments will not be made.

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